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Fun Products for your Child !!!



Best Selling Product

A colorful children's hanging nest, made from high quality cotton fabric. The cushion with the swing is removable and it comes vacuum packed. It is easy to clean and store. This swing positively impacts the ability to concentrate and promotes learning in kids. Available in various colors and can also be made in Polypropylene and Organic Cotton.

Suitable for kids from 3 - 9 years

Size :  76 cms x 150 cms

Weight Capacity : 50 kgs


Comfy Swing for Kids to Snuggle into !!!!

The swing is aesthetically designed and made from the finest cotton fabric. It is controlled, spacious and the seat is very comfortable with back cushion support. It comes with a hardwood spreader bar and the sitting cushion is removable. This is possible in polypropylene as well.

Suitable for kids from 3 – 12 years

Size : 99 cms x 152 cms

Weight Capacity : 50 kgs

Kids Padded Hammock 1.jpg


Hammock cum PlayMat

A very comfortable hammock for kids that comes with a perfect padded effect!! It has two layers of fabric quilted with polyester fibres in between. This is made of 100% Cotton Fabric and with innovative animal prints. It can be used as a Playmat for kids as well.

Suitable for kids from 3 - 12 years

Bed Dimensions : 130 cms x 208 cms

Weight Capacity : 50 kgs


Nursery Swing for your Toddler

Made from 100% Cotton fabric quilted for soft padding for your child. It has a Fabric Bed and 4 Bars covered with fabric to hold the baby securely. Harness is made from high grade cotton yarn and is attached to the hardwood spreader bar. The chair is best for your kids to sit & swing making them laugh.

Suitable for infants upto 9 months

 Size : 58 cms x 114 cms

 Weight capacity : 15 kgs

jamison room 1 after.jpg


Teepee for Every Home!!!

The teepee is made from high quality cotton fabric and smooth finished wooden poles. It can be used outdoor as a play tent, or indoor as kids fort/castle, or wherever and however you chose to use it !!! This teepee style is cute enough to give a decoration touch to any room. Your little ones will love it!!! It is durable, easy to assemble and maintain.

Designed for kids 1 year and above

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